An iconic Australian magpie forms the design of this statement pendant.  Made from handcut titanium which has been carefully textured, heat-treated to create a brilliant mottled blue-hued effect, then cradled within a sterling silver and brass [rear] claw footing.  Morning dew droplets are made by melting recycled sterling silver, then soldering together to create a composed-radiating arrangement of silver.  The surface of the drops are textured, you will find it quite enjoyable to run your fingers over them in meditation.


Not highly-refined, but an earthy, honest wearable artwork showcasing the makers process.  The goddess magpie hangs off a 30cm heavy duty knotted cord, the pendant itself measures 8.5cm.  Comes with a premium quality gift box and an anti-tarnish tab to protect each item (place in a bag or box and keep sealed, ideal for silver, brass, copper& bronze).

Magpie with morning dew droplets