Moths found in the bush & trapped inside the house - some were rescued and released.  Made using salvaged copper sheet and wire, brass and some recycled sterling silver.  All works are handcut, filed, embossed to create unique texture and heat-treated with flame to create a rustic effect.  Each piece is fully sealed with copper sealer.

Ptilomacra senex
24 x 22cm

Purple banded concealer moth
26 x 30cm

Pachythrix Hampsoni
28 x 30cm

Magpie moth
28 x 36cm

Pantydia metaspila moth
30 x 30cm

Unknown small moth
30 x 25cm

Looper moth
29 x 18cm

Unknown moth with pierced wings
18 x 15cm

Tiger Moth
40 x 35cm


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