Australian flora and fauna studies with various 'thought bubbles' incorporating foraged treasures and salvaged copper.  All items hand-cut, filed and purposefully embossed to create a lovely dimpled surface, then heat-treated using flame.

Echidna featuring Tasmanian lavender-coloured seaglass.

Kangaroo featuring found coral jewels to form a large thought bubble.

Kookaburra nesting on small thoughts - limpets found at Elliot Heads, Queensland.

Ringtail possom with burnt-hued seaglass found in Cleveland, Brisbane.

Bearded dragon and grevillea leaf with green-hued Tasmanian sea glass thought nest.

Koala and eucalyptus leaf feature with green-hued Tasmanian seaglass.

Bowerbird on large nest of foraged seaglass from owners long-term collection.

Willy wagtail with milky white Tasmanian seaglass thought bubble.

Double banded finch with yellow rush lily blooms featuring clear quartz crystal dew drop.


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